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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Click click beep beep

Aphex Twin - Richard D. James (1997)

Aphex Twin is Richard James. Richard James is Aphex Twin, AFX, Polygon Window, and numerous other aliases. Richard James is obsessed with the technical aspect of music, as a child, he tore apart his parent's piano to see how it worked on the inside. This sense of material music shows in his music, which fuses several different sounds that most not consider as normal musical means. Drum machines on light-speed, clicks and beeps, computerized samples, and the like. This was Richard's first experimentation into jungle music, with fierce drum samples placed over top of ambient arrangements similar to his early work, creating a powerful and thoughtful fusion of styles.

peek 824545301...

On another note, I have small request for any readers out there. I am reaching the limit of what normal torrents can do for me, and Limewire/Soulseek is becoming a non-possibility quickly. If anyone has a spare OiNK invite they could send me, that would be absolutely wonderful. You can just send it to my email on the sidebar, if you feel like it. Thank you!


Anonymous charlie said...

i haven't quite earned an oink invite yet but when i do i'll let you know, i haven't really been keeping my ratio too nice on my current account there.

9:21 PM  
Anonymous Colton said...

If i get one, i will be sure to give it to you ;)

4:21 PM  
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