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Friday, March 31, 2006

Depressing, dark indie rock

Eels - Beautiful Freak (1996)

The Eels have been creating some depressing alternative rock for a decade now, and never fail at being really, really moody, for lack of a better word. Though Eels are promoted as a band, most of the credit should be placed on frontman E (real name Mark Everett), who's brilliant and descriptive lyrics play on the dark side of normal life. Often compared to Beck, Eels had a breakthrough single with Novocaine For The Soul, but sadly, never had a single quite that accepted again. Unfortunately, and quite undeservedly, they're labeled as a one-hit wonder because of that, when in fact they have been releasing constantly great albums for their whole careers.

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Anonymous Colton said...

You should post the entire album like you are, but also one of there 'hits' so people can try out a track, before downloadin the entire album. It's look pretty good however. Go on msn. n00b.

1:19 PM  

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