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Friday, March 31, 2006

Depressing, dark indie rock

Eels - Beautiful Freak (1996)

The Eels have been creating some depressing alternative rock for a decade now, and never fail at being really, really moody, for lack of a better word. Though Eels are promoted as a band, most of the credit should be placed on frontman E (real name Mark Everett), who's brilliant and descriptive lyrics play on the dark side of normal life. Often compared to Beck, Eels had a breakthrough single with Novocaine For The Soul, but sadly, never had a single quite that accepted again. Unfortunately, and quite undeservedly, they're labeled as a one-hit wonder because of that, when in fact they have been releasing constantly great albums for their whole careers.

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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Canadian underground rap

Swollen Members - Bad Dreams (2001)

As one of Canada's most prolific underground rap artists, Swollen Members blend dark lyrics with darker production recalling the RZA. Members of Battle Axe Records, also home to Moka Only and the Sweatshop Union, the pair of Mad Child and Prevail spit some ridiculous shit along with guest spots from several members of Dilated Peoples, DJ Revolution, and Buck 50. Mad Child and Prevail may not exactly be the most gangster of rappers, but their performances on this, and subsequent albums requires not explanation of their credibility. Check out Balance if you greatly enjoy this album, their later stuff becomes more mainstream, but is still excellent work.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Hey, nice leak here

Snow Patrol - Eyes Open (2006)

Hey, lookit that! It's the new Snow Patrol, one of my guilty pleasures. They're really only a typical brit-rock band in my view, but they're a really fucking good one. Final Straw had some very amazing moments (Run stands out as their greatest song), and some awesome, very soothing melodies. Final Straw was great, and this is almost the exact SAME THING! :D If you like bands like Keane, you'll like Snow Patrol. Great group.

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The forerunners of alternative rock

Dinosaur Jr. - You're Living All Over Me (1987 r: 2005)

Come on, I'm sure you all at least know of Dinosaur Jr. if you're here, but they're responsible for bringing strong guitar work to the front of indie again. Along with The Pixies in the early 90's, they helped establish bitchin' guitar solos and noise, influencing many, many alternative bands in the future. Recently they've gotten back together to do some festivals and such, and with any luck, a new album as well (wishful thinking, but it's a nice thought).

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Tiger Bear Wolf - Tiger Bear Wolf (2005)

With the driving riffs and powerful vocals of bands such as Fugazi, Tiger Bear Wolf impress with their debut album. Some excellent lyrics, and simply awesome time changes help drive the album home. Though not overly spectuacular at any particular aspect of their music, they are so excellent at every part that it pushes with a greater power than one would expect. Hopefully there's another album on the horizen for these guys, and hopefully it's a little easier to find too.

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The world's finest garage rock

Mando Diao - Hurricane Bar (2005)

This is probably one of the most criminally underlooked albums of the last several years. Mando Diao is the best modern garage rock album I've ever heard, and my favourite Swedish album of all time. Diao blends the melodic voices and guitars of Brit-rock bands like Oasis and the dirty, inner-city simplicity of The Strokes or The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, along with a touch of Motown-style blues. "God Knows" is one of my top songs of all time. If you like this album, check out their earlier work on their first album Bring 'Em In.

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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Fire ze missiles!

Daft Punk - Discovery (2001)

Here's definately one of my favourite albums of all time, and for sure my top electronic choice. Daft Punk originates from Paris, and while only having released three LP's in 12 years, they are one of the most recognizable and respected names in dance music with singles like "Around The World" and "Digital Love". One of my favourite early music memories is listening to the local rock station's live club broadcast on Saturday nights, where they played the long mix of "One More Time" every single time I listened in. I can't sing enough praises for this album, there's not a single bad cut on the entire thing. Absolutely essential in every way.

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Early pioneers of post-punk

The Fall - This Nation's Saving Grace (1985; r: 1997)

Of the many, many 70's post-punk, few were more prolific, and none longer-lasting than The Fall. With more albums released than years the band has been in creation, it would be a crime not to recognize their contribution to music today. Songs like "Barmy" paved the way for dance-style riffs to be used in songs, and we all know where that has lead to today, with the new British music explosion. Throughout the years, the band has been through many a lineup change, but always at the centre has been Mark E. Smith, an icon of indie and college rock with his sarcastic lyrics and snarling, neigh-incomprehensible lyrics. This Nation's Saving Grace is arguably his greatest achievement, but if you like this album, be sure to get Hex Education Hour and Grotesque, both fine albums in themselves.

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Saturday, March 25, 2006

New Streets album!

The Streets - The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living (2006)

I'll admit first-hand, I am a huge fan of Mike Skinner aka The Streets. Many, many people hate the way he raps (it's extremely close to basically talking in a heavy accent over a beat), but there's a very honest way about him. He's the voice of a generation of English teens, and he does it with lyrical grace and powerful storytelling. Plus, it doesn't hurt that he always has spectacular covers for his albums. This is his latest album, containing the single "When You Wasn't Famous".

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